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Just a note....

The joyous days upon which my father was reportedly, and actually brought into this world will soon be commemorated. Unfortunately, on these days I will be in Peru, this was his decision for me to go. So, I am calling for all members of the DTFC to meet with him on one or both of the two days. It's during spring break so most of you should be able to attend. You may present him with gifts if you wish, but if you know Dan Tudor you know that your presence is more than enough. Also, if you wish to bring a gift, you should know by now what his favorite things are. Finally, the true test in this post....notice I have only alluded to the time period upon which my father's birthday occurs. It is your responsibility, as a member of the DTFC to know the exact dates of all the important moments in the great one's life. In order for this test to be completed, I ask that all members e-mail or Instant message me with their guess of the dates. Do not post your answer as a comment. When everyone has replied I will post again to announce who has fulfilled their duties, and/or who's memberships should be in question.

p.s. This is not my membership pending post, as the subject denotes it is "just a note"
Jessica L. Tudor
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