G.I. Jew (epicac_xiv) wrote in dantudorfanclub,
G.I. Jew

By the powers invest in me...

I hereby call an Official and thorough vote of the Dan Tudor Fan Club on the matter of the return of full rights and privileges and the granting of complete amnesty to Sir James Christopher Duque. All members please vote Yea or Nay. (Yea means yes.)
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First off: I love how you insult your audience by having the audacity to think we do not mean what "yea" or "nay" mean. I mean you Mr. Shane Parker!

On the subject of Sir James Christopher Duque - I have mixed feelings. As he stated in a previous post not only did he cheat on Pictionary - but Guesstures and Celebrity as well! Is this a man we can trust? Does he feel true remorse?

As of right now I am on the fence. He needs to show that he is worthy to be in said club and restraint in the art of board game chivalry.

(P.S. I knew you were cheating on Guesstures all along)
I dont agree with cheating, unless its on your taxes
in which case, by all means.
that is one beautiful behind.